Thursday, 4 August 2011

Yet another new Internship... OFFICE

Hi Guys,  

Another apology needed for the lack of blogging lately, it has been a mad few weeks.

After hoping for the possibility of a job coming out of Instinct PR, but then being told that actually they were not in the situation to hire me, I was left devastated and back at square one! Back to applying for more internships and jobs.

I managed to get an interview with Tobie @ Office Press, as he had been told by Robyn @ InStyle that I was a hard worker and organised, which led to my latest placement. 

I am filling an intern/press assistant role, and am hoping that with even more experience under my belt, after 3 months I will be suitable for a paid role somewhere.

I am based in the Office Press Showroom in Covent Garden, and I absolutely love the atmosphere there. Neal's Yard is my favorite hideaway for a little salad and sunning when the weather is as nice as it has been! 

At Office I have been busy organizing shoes to go to different publications, as well as ensuring they all come back and are logged into the system correctly. I tidy the showroom and ensure all is looking it's best, as well as keeping on top of the shoes that get returned to the press cupboard. 

This cupboard is my home from home for the next few months, from her I email, call and organise the samples to be sent and returned. I love my little cubby hole.

I have to say so far so good but it's only the first week, lets hope it stays as fun and that I keep smiling! 

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Have fun and enjoy

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