Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lots of love...

So this Valentines day I spent my time at work, creating a wonderful table to entice the guys to buy the gifts for their girls!

I wanted to use the same type of display techniques that I have been developing, but also wanted to make it easy to shop from for the gentlemen...

What do you think?

Using the classic reds and pinks for the Valentines theme, I used a mixture of small pick up buys, and the more expensive gifts that I thought you girlies would love!! 

Heres to hoping your gift was as good as it should be!!! 

Much love and lots of smiles!!! 


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Olly Murs ooo Olly Murs!!!!

So for my birthday this year me and my darling cousin managed to get hold of tickets to see the amazing Olly Murs! What a birthday treat that was!!! The seats were fantastic and we sang and danced along the whole way through!!!

Amazing when everyone had their lights, flashes or phones held up at the same time! What an awesome sight!
Shared a few beers whilst we were there :)

Lived, Laughed, Loved it!

The other thing I discovered whilst at the show, was how much I loved his touring acts.

LONSDALE BOYS CLUB & "LILYGREEN AND MAGUIRE." Check them out on facebook and youtube!

Lonsdale boys club - Light me up
                   - Sista shake

Lilygreen & Maquire - Come on get higher

Having never heard of them before I was amazed when I first heard their amazing sound and have vowed to love them ever since. 

The concert was at Wembley, and had such a great, upbeat atmosphere, you couldn't help but smile!!! :)

Keep your eyes peeled for even more updates and fab music! :) 


Friday, 10 February 2012

Colourful Kitchen...

Our new season stock is slowly but surely making appearance, and I get the fab job of putting it all on the shop floor and making it look amazing!!!

Today was china, and the new chicken print is flying out of the stores! Get yours whilst it's still in stock! 

I had a chance to create the new display for the china table, showcasing all the lovely spring collection.

I love the new retro petal print. It's bold, colourful and exciting. Definitely would stand out in a crowd! 

It certainly brings a smile to my face, and I hope it does to yours too :) 


Monday, 6 February 2012

Be a Good Sport...

Our latest range is one with the 2012 Olympics in mind. 

The range uses a variety of blues and a gymnast theme to create a fun and inspiring range all for the team. GO GB!!! 

It was not the easiest collection to merchandise, what with the colours being similar the whole way through the collection. However with the use of props I feel we managed to create a pretty impressive gondola...

Smiles for everyone :) xxx