Saturday, 23 April 2011

Chase & Status...

I Hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend in the sunshine :D just thought i would share with you the fact that i discovered a new found love for Chase & Status... not sure if it's my current situation or what, but I definitely want their albums... Please :D 

It's not every ones cup of tea but i love some of their songs, some are a bit much :/ but some are really quite good. 

Time: Chase & Status ft Delilah
Let you go: Chase & Status Ft Mali
Pieces: Chase & Status Ft Plan B 

If your hung-over you may want to give them a miss lol some of them are a little deep and meaningful.


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Live Lounge Love !!!!

If you havn't heard this yet, what a treat it will be for you!!!
This is an amazing live lounge cover by Wretch 32. Singing Adele's someone like you.

Take a listen and listen to the words...Genius! What an amazing Live Lounge track!

Live Lounge Wretch 32: Someone like you! 

Jade xx

More love for your ears...

Just a little bit of music too keep me going as I work hard on my Final Major project :D

I am loving this... Chasing Status: Time.

The video, although incredibly sad and touching supports a charity well worth the recognition Refuge.
A charity to help stop domestic violence against women and children! Put it out there and help support the charity! Don't let it happen! No to domestic violence! 

Also got to love Dionne Bromfeild: Yeah Right. Loving the words of this one!!!!
And not forgetting Adele: Someone like you... Still loving this one! :D

Jade xx

Topshop Rings... Massive and marvelous...

OK, so yes, I am meant to be working, being in the middle of my final major project is a big deal, nearly the end of university and out into the big wide world, but I love jewellery and I simply could not resist a quick blog to share these beauties with you! 

All of these fabulous pieces are from Topshop, and definitely on my Lust List!!!! 



Although I do really like this Wings ring, I would be slightly worried about it getting caught on everything! :/ Just be careful I say!! :) 



This is my absolute FAVORITE!!!! I really love the large purple rough edged stone its just fabulous!!! 
OOOO I reallllyyyy want it! :D 



I am loving these cuff and knuckle duster style rings! Add a bit of edge to any outfit! :D Lust List must haves!!!  


If you havn't already noticed, Gold jewellery is more popular for this summer, so for all you girlies that prefer silver, then this ones for you...


There are plenty more fun, interesting and dramatic rings on the Topshop site, I have just given you a glimpse of how fabulous our fingers can be this summer! Don't be afraid to pile them up and create your own unique style with a mixture of different rings. :D 


Jade xx

The Dreaded Diet... Part 2...

Ok so yesterday was quite tough. :(
I find I wake up feeling okay, but gradually get hungrier, despite the fact that i may have eaten :/ How is this possible!!! 
I have been eating plenty of fruit and veg and drinking lots of water, so I am actually feeling quite healthy and refreshed. :D 
Today I can eat bananas as the plans guidelines say no bananas to begin with :/ I have never been so excited for a banana lol.... still desperate for my nandos or KFC buddy, but despite the extensive invites out for pub lunches in the sun, I have not caved in!!!!! Actually quite proud of myself.... let's hope it does the trick :) 

As I may have mentioned this detox is a 7 day only plan with the benefit of losing weight, now we are half way through.... To weigh or not to weigh that is the question???? 

Have fun in the sun and keep your eyes peeled for the next update! 


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Dreaded Diet...

Sooo summers nearly here and the body hang up list keeps on growing...

I, like every girl, have a thing or two I dislike about my body... Okay, maybe more than two, but you don't want to hear me rabbling on about all that...

The sun has brought out the initial steps of WANTING to go on a diet.. but what I actually do about that want never seems to follow on.

I like food, I'm a foodie!! The type of girl who goes on a date and orders a big steak and chips!! or Nandos! not a salad!!! All I need is someone to share a KFC dipping platter with and I am a happy bunny...
Or at least I would be if I could eat until the cows came home without putting on any weight, but wouldn't we all hey?!?!?

So this easter I have officially started a detox diet, designed to detox your body and leave you feeling good and refreshed (With the added bonus of weight loss) :)

It's only day two, and day 1 was hell, but today I felt as if I had been re-started, like a button had been hit  and I was ready to go! Soooo no problems there then... Tomorrows another day though! So keep an eye open for the latest update in the dreaded diet journey!!! :)

Jade xx