Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Carlorie Free Kandee!!!

9 reasons Not to tell your dentist about Kandee!!

By now you all know I am a HUGE fan of Kandee Shoes!!! I have a few pairs of my own...

Love Them :D :D 

But I want more... and I believe this crave may never be fulfilled, I will always need more Kandee. And why not... they are calorie free and the only sweetie I don't have to worry about telling my dentist about! :D

Need more persuading... here's another 9 reasons...

1: Despite allllll their sweetness, they are sugar free!!! (And Calorie free ;) )
2: Being calorie free means you can grab the lot without even a pang of dietry guilt! Perfect with summer on the way.
3: Josh Wayman is a Genius, having started the company at just 19 (now a still fresh 21) He has many years left to help us get our Kandee fix.
4: There is a style for everyone, stilettos, wedges, flats, and booties.
5: If you can't decide which ones you want most, you can pick'n'mix :D
6: Even if your on a down day, they are fierce enough to pick you right back up again and make you feel o so fabulous!!!
7: With Glitter, Studs, Faux Fur, Tassels and Metallic Patent leather in a rainbow range of colours, what more could a girl ask for?
8: Perfect for dressing down with jeans, OR
9: Blowing the minds of all the people out on the dance floor... Kandee Shoes are a winner.

Some of my fav sneak peeks of the up and coming delicious designs...

Orgasm By Kandee
Sparkle Booties 
Hot Heels 
Jyekl and Hyde 

I am in love with each and everyone of the above pairs of shoes.... The ultimate pleasure for me would be to graduate with fierce red hair on my head, and just as fierce hot, Kandee shoes on my feet!!! O what a day that would be! :D 

A special quote to put the fun back in this glum day...
When life hands you lemons, ask for the tequila and salt, and CALL MEEEEE :D

How Many Reasons Do You Need????

Jade xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Little Bit Of Love For Your Ears ...

Well hello Sunshine!!! :D 

Sorry for the lack of posts... happen to be a very busy girly at the moment!!! 

Stumbled across these gems today... Happy Listening.

Adele - Best For Last 
Adele - Same 


Jade xx

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Toby's Dream Needs YOU!!!

So today I was a model... for a special friend Sarah Hennigan! :)

Together we styled the clothes, the shoot was mainly directed by her, and the photography done by Marion Jones.
These images are all copyright @craze2011 So please be sweet and do not steal!!!!
(P.S. look out for the Blue Toby's Dream Band. )

All Images Copyrigt @Craze2011 Please do not steal!! 

The visible blue band in all of the images belongs to the charity: Toby's Dream. As the website suggests, Toby is an incredible little boy who needs all the help he can get raising the money to live just as an incredible life!! Please donate and spread the word to help Toby's Dream come true!!! :)

Jade xx

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Forever Friends Bracelets...

At Vanyas this week I have been looking at all sorts of friendship bracelets... 

I wear a selection of bracelets all the time, most of which have meaning to me... 

I have my Blue Toby's Dream Band, an amethyst bangle from my Ma and Pa for my 22nd birthday, my Red Herring watch, a J bangle from Harrods, also a purple beaded beauty i made myself! And then what you can't see here, I have a special silver bangle from my daddy :) and a silver bangle from my aunt and uncle for my 21st, so lots going on.

I tend to keep most of these on, but take of the larger items to sleep, shower etc. 

So when I was trawling the web for more friendship bracelets I found LOADSSS that I wanted .... opps, even more to add to the unaffordable Lust List...

The most obvious one would be the Links Of London friendship bracelet... I particularly like the two following colours, although they may get a tad dirty! 
Pics from Links Of London 

Being super close to my Mummy Hudson, I am o so fond of these special edition Mother and Baby friendship bracelets by Links Of London
Mother and Baby Links Of London. 

But we all know Links of London are rather expensive, more to lust after! I also found some more purse friendly options that I love, and hope you might too...

These Links Of London lookalikes from amazon are only £9.99...

Ebay Bracelet

I really like this style of bracelet, and as much as I would love a real Links one, that will have to wait, but one of these similar styles would do for now. 

Majique Bangle
Marc Jacobs Bangle

Heart Bangles 
Pics: Ebay 
I really like these final friendship bracelets, I love the little messages, the simple thread and the little dangly extra is beautiful. I definitly want one from someone special... and am thinking a few of my besties are due a thank you from me too... :) 

Ps at £7.50 a pop they are an absolute bargain, and a lovely little gift to one of your closest buddies. :)


Jade xx 

Monday, 14 March 2011

Amazing Art...

My dear mum is an amazing artist... and we have just created her new website. Check it out here.

Her paintings are gorgeous, custom made, abstract pieces of art on a variety of canvas sizes. 
There are giant canvases, painted to match your specific design ideas, the colours to suit your rooms, or a collection of smaller canvases to create a few different looks. 

Each painting is usually finished with silver, gold or bronze glitter to enhance the finished painting. 
There is also the option of a floral styled painting, again custom made to suit you...
Each one of these paintings is individual and unique, and best of all affordable...

Brighten up your walls this summer with your very own wonderful abstract piece of art

Jade xx

More iPhone Love...

You remember the glitter for the iPhone that I showed you not long ago?

Well after receiving the beautiful cases in the post, I could not control the urge to invest in yet more sparkle.
Unlike the first2savvv case, the CELLBELL (who I now cannot find on cases completely cover the iPhone, making sure none of it is getting scratched when thrown in the handbag :) Perfect. I also made sure to cover the screen with a screen guard before putting the case on, so that this too is protected. 

I tend to change my case quite a lot, sometimes to match my mood, so i saw buying 5 as an investment :) 
All pictures taken by moi.

These are the two latest additions. I love leopard print, so this was an easy choice, I also wanted a slightly pinker one that was not all hearts, so settled for this sparkly star design instead. 

I did think that I may lose the gems of the phone, but so far have only lost one or two from the very edges....

Little Tip: Paint your case with clear nail varnish to help prevent the gems from falling off!!!!

Jade xx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Shaketastic experience...

My Goodness.... 
What have I been doing??? 

Shaketastic was worth the wait, but I have missed a lot of valuable Shake time! 
Thanks to for the image. 

The choice was epic, but I finally whittled it down to a sour sweetie flavoured one : 


It was yummy, and went down a treat,. Ice-cream with blue millions, and flying saucers and sour bubblegum bottles to top. 

That went down a treat :)
Okay, yes, they are AWFUL for you... Not the cheapest of milkshakes either, so bad for the purse too.
They taste so delicious they simply cannot be good for you what with all the ice-cream and goodies thrown in, but they are well worth it, a little treat to keep the week looking sweet :D 

Jade xx