Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Carlorie Free Kandee!!!

9 reasons Not to tell your dentist about Kandee!!

By now you all know I am a HUGE fan of Kandee Shoes!!! I have a few pairs of my own...

Love Them :D :D 

But I want more... and I believe this crave may never be fulfilled, I will always need more Kandee. And why not... they are calorie free and the only sweetie I don't have to worry about telling my dentist about! :D

Need more persuading... here's another 9 reasons...

1: Despite allllll their sweetness, they are sugar free!!! (And Calorie free ;) )
2: Being calorie free means you can grab the lot without even a pang of dietry guilt! Perfect with summer on the way.
3: Josh Wayman is a Genius, having started the company at just 19 (now a still fresh 21) He has many years left to help us get our Kandee fix.
4: There is a style for everyone, stilettos, wedges, flats, and booties.
5: If you can't decide which ones you want most, you can pick'n'mix :D
6: Even if your on a down day, they are fierce enough to pick you right back up again and make you feel o so fabulous!!!
7: With Glitter, Studs, Faux Fur, Tassels and Metallic Patent leather in a rainbow range of colours, what more could a girl ask for?
8: Perfect for dressing down with jeans, OR
9: Blowing the minds of all the people out on the dance floor... Kandee Shoes are a winner.

Some of my fav sneak peeks of the up and coming delicious designs...

Orgasm By Kandee
Sparkle Booties 
Hot Heels 
Jyekl and Hyde 

I am in love with each and everyone of the above pairs of shoes.... The ultimate pleasure for me would be to graduate with fierce red hair on my head, and just as fierce hot, Kandee shoes on my feet!!! O what a day that would be! :D 

A special quote to put the fun back in this glum day...
When life hands you lemons, ask for the tequila and salt, and CALL MEEEEE :D

How Many Reasons Do You Need????

Jade xx

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  1. congratulazioni, é un bellissimo Post

    9 reasons Not to tell your dentist about Kandee!!