Thursday, 17 March 2011

Forever Friends Bracelets...

At Vanyas this week I have been looking at all sorts of friendship bracelets... 

I wear a selection of bracelets all the time, most of which have meaning to me... 

I have my Blue Toby's Dream Band, an amethyst bangle from my Ma and Pa for my 22nd birthday, my Red Herring watch, a J bangle from Harrods, also a purple beaded beauty i made myself! And then what you can't see here, I have a special silver bangle from my daddy :) and a silver bangle from my aunt and uncle for my 21st, so lots going on.

I tend to keep most of these on, but take of the larger items to sleep, shower etc. 

So when I was trawling the web for more friendship bracelets I found LOADSSS that I wanted .... opps, even more to add to the unaffordable Lust List...

The most obvious one would be the Links Of London friendship bracelet... I particularly like the two following colours, although they may get a tad dirty! 
Pics from Links Of London 

Being super close to my Mummy Hudson, I am o so fond of these special edition Mother and Baby friendship bracelets by Links Of London
Mother and Baby Links Of London. 

But we all know Links of London are rather expensive, more to lust after! I also found some more purse friendly options that I love, and hope you might too...

These Links Of London lookalikes from amazon are only £9.99...

Ebay Bracelet

I really like this style of bracelet, and as much as I would love a real Links one, that will have to wait, but one of these similar styles would do for now. 

Majique Bangle
Marc Jacobs Bangle

Heart Bangles 
Pics: Ebay 
I really like these final friendship bracelets, I love the little messages, the simple thread and the little dangly extra is beautiful. I definitly want one from someone special... and am thinking a few of my besties are due a thank you from me too... :) 

Ps at £7.50 a pop they are an absolute bargain, and a lovely little gift to one of your closest buddies. :)


Jade xx