Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Lust List... A|

I don't know why I do it to myself... I really don't!

I spend agessss online, wondering through the online stores of places like Topshop, River Island, Office (Shoes are my weakness), Kandee Shoes, Jewellery by Vanya, A|wear and many more, just to find loads of things I have fallen in love with, but can not buy due to my lack of funds! :(

I'll share a few of my favourite finds with you, and continue saving madly... hopefully you'll find something fabulous you can spend a few pennies on!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I was pleasantly surprised, and rather impressed, by A|wear's latest fashion do's. I had previous preconceptions that did not show A|wear in a very good light, but recently this has changed, and now the spotlight is fully on them!!!

With a few new ranges worthy of the summer sun, I have started to find myself drawn in by the A|wear collection. Gorgeous shapes and bold block colours, and all at a affordable price, what's not to love :)

One area definitely worth checking out, in my opinion, is The Boutique Closet, which hosts Mad Men inspired 1950's silhouettes, in a range of gorgeous vibrant colours. Heres a few of my personal favs...

Blue Belted Flared Dress £45 
Purple Button Back Dress £38

Tropical Print Belted Dress £45

Red Cowl Neck Dress, £38. 
(This looks orange to me :/ ) 
These Boutique prices are not super dooper low, but they are definitely competitive and I love the simple style.

They a gorgeous range of shorts, and a few fabulous trousers too! shorts and trousers.

The shoes aren't really anything to brag about, but a few of the bags are definitely grab worthy.
Cut out Detail Satchel £25 

Coral Mini Satchel £18
Printed Satchel £25 

The most disappointing thing is that don't tell you the size of the bags, and there is only one picture per bag, doesn't really make me 100% happy to buy :( But I am a lover none the less!

Not everyone's cup of tea I know.... but a definite summer wardrobe booster for me!
But don't take my word for it, have a browse yourself.

(All images from the A|wear website) 

Jade xx

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