Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Other Man In My Life... Josh Wayman.

I say other because the MR is the Man in my life, but Josh Wayman comes in a close 2nd place, as he keeps filling me with Kandee! :)

I have major lust for Kandee Shoes and cannot possibly have enough pairs....

On the Lust List at the moment are....

All of the Sours range, but especially the Lemon and Orange sours... 

Currently in the sale at just £51.60 :o

Images from Kandee Shoes Website.
And of course the latest additions to the collection are a must have!!! They just keep getting better and better! 

Peanut Crunchy £179.99 
Glace Cherry £149.99

I am super excited to see what other creations will come out of Kandee Land in the not to distant future!! :)

Jade xx

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