Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tree & Kimball.... I am in Love...

O I have fallen! Hard and fast, in love with Tree & Kimball

They make the most amazing jewellery, using lace and a vintage look, which I simply cannot get out of my head or heart!! 

Majorie $28.00
Lola $18.00
Aspasia $28.00 

It is safe to say the distance between me and this jewellery makes my heart ache! 

Violaine $30.00 

Rani $32.00

Santos $30.00

Decca $20.00

And guess what?! It is an incredible, affordable price, despite it's uniqueness and outstanding craftsmanship! 

I cannot explain to you how much I want to own sooo many pieces of this incredible jewellery! This is Lust list, Must-have List, Christmas list, Birthday list, I have been so good I can treat myself list, the lot!
Whatever happens, I will own some Tree & Kimball. 

(All images from Tree & Kimball website) 

I have my figures and toes crossed that all this will magically appear at my door, or someone will be so kind as to purchase it for me.... :)

Jade xx

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