Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Proud to be British... The royal jubilee #ckontour

What a wonderful weekend it's been. I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves as much as the Cath Kidston tour team have.

We came straight up from the Bath and West show to work at the jubilee festival in Battersea park. And what an amazing atmosphere it was!!! We all enjoyed the day despite the awful weather.

Then Monday we took part in the Clarendon Cross street party, notting hill, west London. It was a gorgeous little event. With everyone sharing nibbles and drinks, and in high spirits, singing the national anthem at the top of our lungs.

We had two amazing queens guards and I got to meet the amazing Cath herself!

Hope you all had a wonderful jubilee weekend guys! Smiles all round despite the rain!!!

Now here we are in Cornwall after our long journey and a good nights sleep, some of us are more awake than others!!!

:D xxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

And we are off again... #CKontour

Just thought I would give you all a quick update as I am going to be away for a month now and don't know how often I will be able to post! What a lovely week it has been, plenty of sunshine and seeing friends before I dash off on your again, and now here I am part 2 of the journey. I am on the train typing this to you and am so very excited to see all the team again. Have missed my little make-shift summer family!! Our first event of the July leg is the Bath and West show in Somerset... Pop by if you live near there! Come And see our beautiful van Vera Nellie and the CK on tour team! I will have a few visitors of my own this week as my aunty and uncle are planning to visit! Yayyy. Let's hope the sun sticks around. For today both the sun and I have our hats on :) smiles all round! :D xx Don't forget to keep posted with the most up to date info on twitter. @jadehudson2010 @ cath_kidston and on instagram : jadibaby

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Devon County Show... CKontour!

Well what a busy week it has been... The manic week prior to the first event including a lot of preparation... including shopping, packing and trying to decide what the weather was going to be like. 

Our first event was the Devon County Show... Which despite the weather not being great turned out to be an amazing success. We all worked really hard, but had a lot of fun as well. 

We had longer to set up this time than we will in the future just to get ourselves prepared for things to come, but I think we will manage well, as we all get on incredibly as a team.

 Our tents are incredible, huge Bell Tents, which I shared with Megan and Jess... lots of laughs.

Me scrap booking the CK way...

All the girls, and guys, are such good fun that it makes each and every day entertaining and worthwhile. 

We had amazing food cooked by the wonderful Dave, transfers and face painting for the kids, and big kids! And a face in the hole for tweeters! 

This time we were only away for a week, but as of monday I will be gone for one month, visiting the Bath and West show, Royal Highland show in Scotland, Vintage at Boughton House, and The jubilee parties in london. 

Keep ya posted...

Don't forget to follow me @jadehudson2010 and @cath_kidston and jadibaby on instagram for all the latest!! 

:) xxx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Loveable... Just Loveable... Loveable Rogues

So, by now we have all seen them on BGT, but after having watching them on YouTube, it is safe to say they are beyond amazing, and far better than we even had a chance to see on BGT. 

Some of their own songs are incredible, and a girls dream to be on the receiving end of... some of them. :D 

Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think...

They have such character and are so ridiculously cheeky that you cannot help but love them... what a suitable name... LOVEABLE ROGUES :) It helps that they are all adorable and gorgeous...

I am now constantly on the look out for places they are playing as I can only imagine how amazing a live gig by them would be... please let me know if where and when if you find out! Definitely on my to do list...

Love Sick - Loveable Rogues 
Posh Girls - Loveable Rogues 
Say you love me - Loveable Rogues 
Honest - Loveable Rogues 

Not only are they amazing musicians and song writers, but their music is catchy and something you most definitely want to bob along to...

My favs are Lovesick and Say you love me... what are yours??? 

Follow them on - @LoveableRogues @Eddie_LR @SonnyLR @TeEugeneLR

This makes me smile :) 



Thursday, 10 May 2012

Vera the Van...

Wednesday 9th May... Vera the Van.

After a nice evening of dinner and drinks with the team, and a good sleep at the Hilton, I am up and ready to get stuck in with all the CKontour prep. 

Today we met our library van come pop-up-shop. And although she is not quite ready yet, she is starting to take shape and look beautiful. Plus we named her ------ Vera! :) 

 She still needs her CKontour wrap which will make us unmissable when we are out on tour, but her interior is ready for us to get in and merchandiser. 

 This is the plan for the layout both inside and outside the van, which I will be working on with the Cath Kidston VM team throughout the day.

A few sneak peeks of inside Vera the Van : 

She is so beautiful, but to see more you will have to keep checking out @jadehudson2010 @cath_kidston and the CKontour Website. 

Here is where you can catch Vera the Van and the wonderful CKontour Team...

If you see us smile... and join in the fun with out face-in-the-whole, take a picture and post it on twitter showing us all the funny faces you guys can pull!!!! 

:) xx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Start Of Summer...

Hello again...
it's been a while and yet again it's all change... lots of new and exciting things to tell you.

Since my last post I have been juggling my last days at St Albans Cath Kidston Store... Getting the store into shape and the girls prepped on all the things they need to cover whilst I am gone. My gosh am I going to miss them! 

So... I guess it makes sense to start at the very beginning of my Brand Ambassador experience...

Tuesday, 8th May... My very first day.

I traveled to Cath Kidston HO to meet the team today... At first I was a tad nervous as I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, but as soon as I rocked up to the building and met the first team member sitting out side I felt much more relaxed. Everything felt right...

Her name was Sophie and she seemed like such a nice girl that we chatted straight away about how excited we both were. And the rest of the team were just as nice!!! 

The team includes Kane - The Boss... Jess - Senior Supervisor, David, Keith, Kanes Dad John, and us 5 girls : the 2 Sophies, Harriet, Megan and Me. 

I am both super excited to be spending the summer with these fab people and also incredibly releived at how lovely they all are! 

We spent the day learning about everywhere we are going and our roles within the team, as well as how much fun it is going to be... 

I have been told that as I am an in-store VM I will be working closely with the VM team tomorrow to set up the Van and displays, so that when it comes to tour time I will be able to organise the van and re-merchandise it properly. This is incredibly exciting, as not only are they trusting me with this responsibility but it is an incredible experience to go onto my CV. Another thing Kane has mentioned for me to keep on top of is the social media side of things for the tour, which will include lots of blog updates, tweets and images, so keep your eyes peeled...

Follow me @jadehudson2010 & @cath_kidston for the latest tour updates, jadibaby on instagram for incredible images and sneakpeeks, and don't forget to check out the CK on tour website.

As Kane said... "We have the best job of the summer!!!!!" 

Smiles all round :) 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Follow your heart....

Absolutely had to share this!!! It is fabulous. Have fallen head over heels for these two!! Amazing voices!!! 

Conor Maynard & Sophie Graffin - Jessie J Cover Who You Are 

Share the love! :)