Sunday, 13 May 2012

Loveable... Just Loveable... Loveable Rogues

So, by now we have all seen them on BGT, but after having watching them on YouTube, it is safe to say they are beyond amazing, and far better than we even had a chance to see on BGT. 

Some of their own songs are incredible, and a girls dream to be on the receiving end of... some of them. :D 

Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think...

They have such character and are so ridiculously cheeky that you cannot help but love them... what a suitable name... LOVEABLE ROGUES :) It helps that they are all adorable and gorgeous...

I am now constantly on the look out for places they are playing as I can only imagine how amazing a live gig by them would be... please let me know if where and when if you find out! Definitely on my to do list...

Love Sick - Loveable Rogues 
Posh Girls - Loveable Rogues 
Say you love me - Loveable Rogues 
Honest - Loveable Rogues 

Not only are they amazing musicians and song writers, but their music is catchy and something you most definitely want to bob along to...

My favs are Lovesick and Say you love me... what are yours??? 

Follow them on - @LoveableRogues @Eddie_LR @SonnyLR @TeEugeneLR

This makes me smile :) 



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