Thursday, 10 May 2012

Vera the Van...

Wednesday 9th May... Vera the Van.

After a nice evening of dinner and drinks with the team, and a good sleep at the Hilton, I am up and ready to get stuck in with all the CKontour prep. 

Today we met our library van come pop-up-shop. And although she is not quite ready yet, she is starting to take shape and look beautiful. Plus we named her ------ Vera! :) 

 She still needs her CKontour wrap which will make us unmissable when we are out on tour, but her interior is ready for us to get in and merchandiser. 

 This is the plan for the layout both inside and outside the van, which I will be working on with the Cath Kidston VM team throughout the day.

A few sneak peeks of inside Vera the Van : 

She is so beautiful, but to see more you will have to keep checking out @jadehudson2010 @cath_kidston and the CKontour Website. 

Here is where you can catch Vera the Van and the wonderful CKontour Team...

If you see us smile... and join in the fun with out face-in-the-whole, take a picture and post it on twitter showing us all the funny faces you guys can pull!!!! 

:) xx

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