Saturday, 14 May 2011

Must have Mulberry...

Anyone with a love for fashion and a desire for nice things, like me, will probably also have a little place in their heart for Mulberry, and a small space in the wardrobe that will one day house one of these beautiful creations.
I love these bags so much and one day will own my very own Mulberry, but for know we just add it to the Lust List...

Pheasant Green Croc Haircalf

Bright Cabbage Sparkle Tweed
I really love the two green shades of the LILY bag, but for me, buying a Mulberry bag, and no doubt having to have saved for a very long time! I would want a more versatile colour, one that I could use knowing it went with every outfit, timeless and stylish. Therefore I would pick a nude or black bag, I particularly love the following three: 
Postmans Lock Camera Bag 
 Deer Drown Silky Snake Print 

Oversized Alexa
Deer Brown Silky Snake Print

Oak Ostrich
It's only typical that I particularly love one of the most expensive bags on the website, but you have to dream big! :D

For me going into the shop and getting a chance to see the bags close up and feel the material is all apart of buying a Mulberry, so I certainly wouldn't be in a rush to buy online, but I have a lot of saving to do yet.

What's on your lust list?



Friday, 6 May 2011

Listening to: THE REASON!

Yet another lovely song that I have found! I love a track which has meaning... if you hadn't noticed! 

The Reason: Hoobastank.


Jade xx

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Results are In...

So as apart of my Final Major Project I had to do a dissertation. This is an essay, of 10,000 words, based upon anything we like, but along the lines of culture and fashion.

I opted to research and discuss Who Women Dress To Impress...

I put a lot of work into this, as it was a quite a big part of my degree, and trust me 10,000 is a lot to write! 

And today I got my result!!! 

2:1    :) 

I am quite pleased with my self! It proved that all that hard work payed off..... Wine to celebrate. I think so!!!! 

Lust List: Some more Summer Shoes...

So summer is starting and the weather is beginning to show signs of letting the summer clothes rule the streets. I for one cannot wait! I not only love summer, but the heat, the pub gardens, the chilled out vibe, the hot air and warm nights, BBQ's, wine, friends and family all make for the perfect summer mix.

And then there are the clothes, and of course the shoes!!! Todays post is all about the little canvas shoes that I have loved for a while, but am particularly fond of in the run up to this summer! I have found my self wondering how many pairs would be too many pairs, and if I could get away with at least a few of each colour... Money allowing that is!

Here are just a few of my favs from the Office Website.

Pale Pink Canvas Espadrille

If I could I would have a pair of these in every colour! I live in my black ones, they are the most comfortable thing! 
Lilac Canvas Flossy
I also love these in red and baby blue!!!

Nude Canvas Toms Classic

Again these are something I would love to own in every colour! They are so easy to wear and a definite must have for this summer!!! 

On the less practical but more sensational side, there are always plenty of heels on the lust list too. 
Floral heels, canvas wedges, plenty more of these beauties on the Office website

Marthas Prairie Black Canvas
High Five Floral Ditsy Sandal

Gorgeous taute buckle wedges!!! 

Wanted Wedge

Wind Up Wedge Blue

I am also a love of sandals, or posh flip slops! These are a few of my favs! 

Survivor Sandal 
Nature Leg Tie Ditsy Print
BUT... The ultimate wedge for this summer has to be:

It is safe to say that at nearly £300, they are out of my price range... But boy do I love them!!!! 




The kiss that lasts...

When I found out about this I was amazed. A lip-balm that numbs your lips, not makes them tingle but numbs them?? Surely not? But apparently it's true. This new mango flavored lip balm uses morphine, as the name suggests, to leave a numbing feeling dancing on the lips you kiss. I can't think of anything better! ;) This I really want to try! :D 

The blurb on the website reads: 

Morphine Lips

Morphine Lips was designed to create the perfect kiss. Use Morphine Lips before making your move and going in for the kiss, after your lips touch it will leave your victims lips numb and their hearts racing. Creating a kiss like one they have never felt before leaving them in a trance and putty in your hands.
Morphine Lips is not your everyday lip balm. It contains only the finest ingredients, sleek packaging, and too top it off a numbing agent that causes your lips to tingle and go numb for a short time. There is nothing else like this out there and the only way to truly experience it is to try it.

It all sounds very sexy and appealing, maybe if I get it I can try it out on one lucky lad! A definite beauty special for the Lust List... smooth lips for summer here I come. At $17.50 it's not cheap, but it sounds like it would be worth it!