Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The kiss that lasts...

When I found out about this I was amazed. A lip-balm that numbs your lips, not makes them tingle but numbs them?? Surely not? But apparently it's true. This new mango flavored lip balm uses morphine, as the name suggests, to leave a numbing feeling dancing on the lips you kiss. I can't think of anything better! ;) This I really want to try! :D 

The blurb on the website reads: 

Morphine Lips

Morphine Lips was designed to create the perfect kiss. Use Morphine Lips before making your move and going in for the kiss, after your lips touch it will leave your victims lips numb and their hearts racing. Creating a kiss like one they have never felt before leaving them in a trance and putty in your hands.
Morphine Lips is not your everyday lip balm. It contains only the finest ingredients, sleek packaging, and too top it off a numbing agent that causes your lips to tingle and go numb for a short time. There is nothing else like this out there and the only way to truly experience it is to try it.

It all sounds very sexy and appealing, maybe if I get it I can try it out on one lucky lad! A definite beauty special for the Lust List... smooth lips for summer here I come. At $17.50 it's not cheap, but it sounds like it would be worth it! 


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