Saturday, 14 May 2011

Must have Mulberry...

Anyone with a love for fashion and a desire for nice things, like me, will probably also have a little place in their heart for Mulberry, and a small space in the wardrobe that will one day house one of these beautiful creations.
I love these bags so much and one day will own my very own Mulberry, but for know we just add it to the Lust List...

Pheasant Green Croc Haircalf

Bright Cabbage Sparkle Tweed
I really love the two green shades of the LILY bag, but for me, buying a Mulberry bag, and no doubt having to have saved for a very long time! I would want a more versatile colour, one that I could use knowing it went with every outfit, timeless and stylish. Therefore I would pick a nude or black bag, I particularly love the following three: 
Postmans Lock Camera Bag 
 Deer Drown Silky Snake Print 

Oversized Alexa
Deer Brown Silky Snake Print

Oak Ostrich
It's only typical that I particularly love one of the most expensive bags on the website, but you have to dream big! :D

For me going into the shop and getting a chance to see the bags close up and feel the material is all apart of buying a Mulberry, so I certainly wouldn't be in a rush to buy online, but I have a lot of saving to do yet.

What's on your lust list?




  1. I'd love to own an Alexa! *sigh* maybe one day! xx

  2. love the second bag. thanks for another amazing post love. please swing by to see pics of my latest celebrity trend report and trip to Laguna Beach. xoxo