Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Jade The Intern: Day 2...

Back to the office :)

Day 2 with Vanya has been as exciting as the first! Today I learnt a little bit more about the day-to-day running of the business, helping out with making the business cards and jewellery cards.  :)

The card the jewellery is presented on, hand stamped.

The Business card each order receives a personal note on :)

The gorgeous handmade pouch each package is delivered in.

A selection of the business cards.

All images from Jewellery By Vanya website
So I was able to help personally make and stamp the little jewellery cards that the jewellery is so beautifully displayed on, as well as adding a variety of images to the business cards.

Another of my many jobs, was to design and create a tag for the webpage, explaining how Vanya would be on holiday for a while, and any orders met when she was back....
Here was what I came up with....
Although this will come down when Vanya returns, I was so proud to see something I had done out in the big wide web!! :)

I also got to do my first blog post (Take a look) for Vanya's blog, another thing I was proud to do for her!

This afternoon we discussed my final major project again. For it I need to compile a customer analysis/target market report. This means discovering who buys Jewellery by Vanya and the lifestyle they lead. I thought to do this I could come up with a customer survey, put it on her blog, and my own, and gain information that way... So keep your eyes peeled!!! :)

We also discussed web page ideas.... for my project I would like to redesign Vanya's webpage, which is something she has been considering for a while. I suggested to her the idea of create a wall of vintage frames that would then be the buttons to navigate around her website. Not only did she really like this idea, but had had a similar idea herself :)

Here are a few inspirational ideas for the website...
From prettylittleworldfashion
From Shabby Blogs
Really sorry don't have the credits for these, please tell me if you know.

We both really love the mix and match type feel, and I would love to do an installation of all different vintage frames to showcase the jewellery.

What do you think??

Jade xx

(Please respect all creative ideas are my own, Copyright @Jadehudson2010.)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Never Too Much Kandee...

OOOO yes I did!
Another pair of Kandee Shoes to add to the collection, and I have a feeling it won't stop there!

From mademoisellerobot.com

From Kandee Shoes

These are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Slightly greener (rather than yellow) than they look in this pic. Sky high and stunning, what more can a girl ask for!? 

The Kandee team are constantly updating their Twitter and Facebook with sneak peeks into the up-and-coming designs and I am in love with toooo many to count!

Another "Must-save-moment" as I find my self desperate for another Kandee fix!!! :D

Jade xx

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Jade The Intern: Day 1...

First day at Jewellery by Vanya and I am super excited!!! I had been looking forward to this day for ages and jumped on the train in my glad rags ready for work. :D

When I got there I was met by a smiley Vanya, who by the way is such a warm and lovely lady!
Our first job of the day was to package the orders and I was instantly impressed by the attention to detail in all the handmade vintage vibe packaging, which she designed herself! :)

All images from Vanyas Blog :) 

 Each piece of jewellery is tucked gently into a brown box, and tied with gorgeous cream ribbon. This bow is then put into a handmade vintage-look floral pouch with a personalised note written by Vanya herself!! How thoughtful and cute is all of that put together!!! :)
I was lucky enough to get to write a few notes of my own, hope those of you that received them liked what I said to you! :D

Vanya was nice enough to introduce me to all of her fellow friends on one of her blog posts, and I even got a lovely comment in reply, Thanks very much Chelsea! :)

From The Introducing Me Blog Post by Vanya :)

As well as this, I was lucky enough to get a chance to show off my skills. Vanya asked me to take a piece of the jewellery which she would be releasing soon, and photograph it for the website! So I had a go....

This is the image of the gorgeous "Looking for adventure" necklace that I created. Let me know what you think. You can see this piece in all it's glory on the webpage, and read the little description of the necklace that I was also allowed to make up :) 

Today was also a day for brainstorming! And a very useful day of it it was too! :) Both Vanya and I had ideas we wanted to discuss about my part in the PR side of things, so we spent a little while collecting things that inspire us, and made a wall of images all mixed together to keep the ideas flowing! :) 
Unfortunately I don't have the credits for any of these images, sorry, but some can be found on Vanya's blog. 

Over all I had a very enjoyable and productive day, and now have many ideas to go away and work on for my final major project :/ Daunting stuff! :) 

Jade xx

Monday, 14 February 2011

Tomorrow I will be a PR Intern :D

Tomorrow I start my work placement with Vanya, at Jewellery By Vanya.

Jewellery By Vanya.

To say I am excited is an understatement! Check out her blog!

:D Happy reading.

Jade xx

Happy Heart Day...

Okay, so I admit, as much as I love the pink, the hearts, the cute couples and all the love in the air... Me and my half aren't such big celebrators of Valentines day. (Having little money in the pot at the moment does not help!) 

So this year we kept it simple, a few dvds, dinner and a little surprise from him to me...

What a lucky girl I am... Gerbera's are my absolute favs!!! hehe 

And to top off a really good day... Happy Calzone = Happy Tummy... 

Hearts to you all :D 

Jade xx

Pure London 2011...

Today me and my lovely mum went to Pure London 2011 :D 

We both had a really nice day and enjoyed browsing all the trade companies at the event...

Chinese Laundry were a fave for the feet, whilst the brand Cushh had a gorgeous s/s collection on show. Tokyo Jane is a definite one-to-watch, their snap bangles are going to be huge!!!! :D 
Tokyo Jane Website

We even casually bumped into Zandra Rhodes. A lot of fun for one day! And a really nice day out with Mummy Hudson! 

Jade xx

Friday, 11 February 2011

I Heart Skinny Love ...

I found this beautiful song on my friend Vanya's blog. She uploaded it for our listening pleasure, and has officially got me addicted to it. I am in love!

Birdy - Skinny Love (cover of the Bon Iver track)

Jade xx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Final Major Project...

The presentation of ideas begins today...

I had been thinking over christmas what I should be doing for my final major, and the decision was a tough one!

Still unsure of exactly what I wanted to do, I proposed a mixture of ideas in my presentation to the tutors on the judges panel.

My ideas ranged from an editorial for Kandee Shoes, keeping up the super sweet theme! To working closely with Vanya for her brand, Jewellery by Vanya, on a look book, web design, event and film to promote the brand. 

The overall consensus from the panel was good, they were impressed with my ideas and felt some of them could work really well. They did however feel that all this was too much to handle and that I should pick a few aspects of my proposal to focus on and make really strong. 

Due to the fact that I had contacted Kandee Shoes asking for support, but had unfortunately not received any, despite Josh Wayman's best efforts, I decided the best option for my final major project would be to focus on Jewellry by Vanya. 

I then decided to go with my strongest skills, and that was the lookbook, web site ideas, rather than the short film. Although I think a short film could work well for the brand and look truly lovely on the site, I am less skilled in this area and feel along with my other work load I would not have enough time to do it justice...

The work continues, the ideas are flowing...

Jade xx

(All creative ideas Copyright@Jadehudson 2011) Thank you for respecting this.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Jewellery by Vanya...

So at the beginning of January I emailed Jewellery by Vanya, in the hope that I would be able to get some work experience with the company.
And it's official... I have a placement!!! Yay!!

Vanya's jewellery is handmade, vintage inspired fashion jewellery, and she designs it all herself. Take a peek: Jewellery By Vanya.

I love this gorgeous Garden Party Ring:

Jewellery By Vanya.

Another of my favorite pieces is this Flutter Necklace:
Jewellery By Vanya
 But aside from the gorgeous jewellery, the pretty photographs that display the jewellery on the site are really beautiful. Everything looks so dainty and scrumptious... I can see myself getting really carried away :D 

I am really hoping i'll be able to incorporate the brand with my final major project... but that's a story for another time! :D 

Jade xx