Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Final Major Project...

The presentation of ideas begins today...

I had been thinking over christmas what I should be doing for my final major, and the decision was a tough one!

Still unsure of exactly what I wanted to do, I proposed a mixture of ideas in my presentation to the tutors on the judges panel.

My ideas ranged from an editorial for Kandee Shoes, keeping up the super sweet theme! To working closely with Vanya for her brand, Jewellery by Vanya, on a look book, web design, event and film to promote the brand. 

The overall consensus from the panel was good, they were impressed with my ideas and felt some of them could work really well. They did however feel that all this was too much to handle and that I should pick a few aspects of my proposal to focus on and make really strong. 

Due to the fact that I had contacted Kandee Shoes asking for support, but had unfortunately not received any, despite Josh Wayman's best efforts, I decided the best option for my final major project would be to focus on Jewellry by Vanya. 

I then decided to go with my strongest skills, and that was the lookbook, web site ideas, rather than the short film. Although I think a short film could work well for the brand and look truly lovely on the site, I am less skilled in this area and feel along with my other work load I would not have enough time to do it justice...

The work continues, the ideas are flowing...

Jade xx

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