Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Jade The Intern: Day 1...

First day at Jewellery by Vanya and I am super excited!!! I had been looking forward to this day for ages and jumped on the train in my glad rags ready for work. :D

When I got there I was met by a smiley Vanya, who by the way is such a warm and lovely lady!
Our first job of the day was to package the orders and I was instantly impressed by the attention to detail in all the handmade vintage vibe packaging, which she designed herself! :)

All images from Vanyas Blog :) 

 Each piece of jewellery is tucked gently into a brown box, and tied with gorgeous cream ribbon. This bow is then put into a handmade vintage-look floral pouch with a personalised note written by Vanya herself!! How thoughtful and cute is all of that put together!!! :)
I was lucky enough to get to write a few notes of my own, hope those of you that received them liked what I said to you! :D

Vanya was nice enough to introduce me to all of her fellow friends on one of her blog posts, and I even got a lovely comment in reply, Thanks very much Chelsea! :)

From The Introducing Me Blog Post by Vanya :)

As well as this, I was lucky enough to get a chance to show off my skills. Vanya asked me to take a piece of the jewellery which she would be releasing soon, and photograph it for the website! So I had a go....

This is the image of the gorgeous "Looking for adventure" necklace that I created. Let me know what you think. You can see this piece in all it's glory on the webpage, and read the little description of the necklace that I was also allowed to make up :) 

Today was also a day for brainstorming! And a very useful day of it it was too! :) Both Vanya and I had ideas we wanted to discuss about my part in the PR side of things, so we spent a little while collecting things that inspire us, and made a wall of images all mixed together to keep the ideas flowing! :) 
Unfortunately I don't have the credits for any of these images, sorry, but some can be found on Vanya's blog. 

Over all I had a very enjoyable and productive day, and now have many ideas to go away and work on for my final major project :/ Daunting stuff! :) 

Jade xx

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