Thursday, 5 April 2012

Jade On Tour...

Soooo, here we are again, long time no speak.

But I can't apologise as I have been taking some time out to focus on my career. Working hard within the Cath Kidston Store to develop my visual merchandising skills and helping to organise and keep on top of the stock take (which anyone who has worked in retail before will understand is a very stressful job!), so after many late nights and early morning, I have received some very good news...

I have been selected to become a Brand Ambassador for Cath Kidston and my role involves touring the UK with a small group of other specially selected people. I am not only extremely happy, but very very excited. This is exactly what I need... a next step, and a way out of the small town I currently inhabit. 

I will be away for the best part of 3 months, and am super excited to meet the people I will be touring with. I will be visiting all kinds of festivals, vintage fairs and street parties up and down the country, from Scotland to wales, Somerset to London town!

Once I found out about this position I instantly applied by creating a cartoon application which got me shortlisted for the tour! 

After this I had my first ever Skype interview with two fab people from the CK team. This was a lot less scary than I thought it would be and we had a good chat and a little laugh as well. 

A week or so later I was called by my boss who couldn't help but burst out the news in an excited babble down the phone! Best wake-up phone call ever!!! Even if it was extremely early after a rather champagne fueled night! It not only made my day, but also my week and ask me in a few months time... but I have a feeling it may even make my year! 

See all good things come to those that wait!!! And even when bad things happen and you feel like you can't possibly pick yourself up... Smile on through, lean on your friends, learn to love yourself, and everything will fall into place!!

A very, very good place!!! 

Happy Easter everyone... 

Smiles on a Thursday! 


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