Thursday, 8 March 2012

London's Calling...

Today I got to spend the day in London, visiting other CK stores, as a way to develop my VM skills for the store. 

The first store I visited was the little ST Pancreas store, where I just so happened to see the Queen and Kate!!! 

Not the best pictures I know! But what a great way to start the day. 

I then went on to see a few other stores such as the Selfridges one and Marylebone. I took lots of pictures, and had a lovely day learning about other ways the products can be displayed. As well getting inspiration from the other in-store VM's.

I was able to get a few ideas for Bulkheads, Display tables, and Gondolas. 

And the best part of my day... Being able to do a Jubilee Table for ANOTHER store. This sounds like not a lot, but to me this was a big deal. A store in London, has a table, designed and displayed by me! And I did it all by myself! :) 

Big MASSIVE smiles all round xxx

Don't forget girls, all our hard work pays off in the end! Even if it is a struggle to see that right now! Go Get Go Getters! 

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