Monday, 4 July 2011

GFW... Graduate Fashion Week...

So, I made it! I was picked out of my whole year, along with 2 other girls, to go to GFW, for the Marketing and Branding competition. Unfortunately none of us won, but what an achievement to have made it so far!! 

I got through to the GFW stage for my Final Major Project, which was based on re-designing and re-branding Jewellery by Vanya, a lovely little vintage inspired, fashionable jewellery brand. I created a new website and marketing report as well as redesigning the business cards and a few added extras. I was really pleased with my project, which I got a First for!! :D So was even more ecstatic when my tutor asked me to go to GFW. 

We (UCA Rochester Fashion Promotion Students) also had an exhibition of out own, at the OXO Tower, which was amazing. There were so many more people at the event than I had ever imagined there would be and it turned out to be a really fabulous evening.  

Seeing other peoples work at GFW was also very inspiring, the way some people displayed their work, and the ideas they had was incredible, not to mention all the fabulous clothes designed by the students!

Well done to everyone who was there! 

And remember to share a smile! 


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  1. That's great Jade, well done!!! I remember a while ago you offered to put some of your work on a disc for me, did I ever get around to saying yes? I'd love to see the website design especially :).xxx