Monday, 4 July 2011

InStyle = Amazing

So my lack of blogging recently has been mainly down to the fact that I have been working my butt of trying to get internships and hopefully eventually a job!

My month has involved a fabulous but manic 1 month internship with InStyle magazine, which has been incredible!!!

I worked mainly in the fashion cupboard, doing the usual intern jobs, such as keeping it tidy and organised and returning all the clothes once they have been shot, or edited out.

It was beyond amazing being surrounded by gorgeous clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories all day!!! The girls I worked with were amazing, and the fashion assistants i worked under were incredible too!!

I even got to go on a shoot with Robyn Kotze and Amanda Bellan, but what happened on the shoot stays on the shoot I'm afraid! All I can say was it was amazing, and what an experience!!!

I really enjoyed my time with InStyle and learnt soooo much, it was a shame I had to leave, but I must get more experience and fingers crossed an internship that will lead me to a job in the fashion industry that I am going to Love Love Love doing!


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